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Thermography can be used as a whole body analysis for assessing surface heat temperatures that can be correlated by a physician for many reasons.  Uses for thermography are similar to that of an oral thermometer, a stethoscope, or any other medical test that brings together a better physiological assessment of a patient. How an infrared thermal camera works is through a complicated high tech manner.  The human body emits infrared radiation that the sensor on the thermal camera reads and through calibration translates it in to a temperature reading.  The camera that the thermographer uses and the calibration process is one of the most important aspects to medical thermography.

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Single Body part Imaging

Single Body part Imaging

Images are taken of the body part needed. Interpretation results will come in full thermographic...

Breast Imaging

Breast Imaging

Imaging of breast from six different angles. Interpretation results include 6 color...

Full Body Imaging

Full Body Imaging

26-32 images are taken of the entire body. Interpretation includes two sets of all the images...

Torso View Imaging

Torso View Imaging

Images are taken from the torso up or from the torso down. Interpretation results will come in...


No. You may book an appointment directly with one of our centers.

Approximately 20-30 minutes. Plan on being at our center for 45 minutes.

We pride ourselves with prompt turnaround. In most cases, our Board Certified Thermographers will have the results back to your center in 1 week or less. We have 3 interpreters viewing your images for optimal reporting.

Not at this time. Keep in mind, cutting edge technology is not covered in most fields of medicine. Our centers charge a nominal fee for this technology despite the high cost of the equipment and the cost of running a center. Insurance coverage should not keep you away. Think of all of the other less important things we spend our money on!

That is between you and your primary physician. Thermography is an adjunctive procedure that offers extra information and can be combined with other testing..

Our centers charge based on regional factors. Typically, the range is $299-$499 initially inclusive for the images, interpretation and report. Most agree this is a small price to pay for EARLY breast cancer detection. We also offer full body exams, as well as female and male profiles starting at $499.

Customer Reviews

I had a great experience at the Nola Thermography. I fully believe in thermography as an early detection and preventative measure for any inflammation and cancer.”

Terry T.

My experience at the Nola Thermography was great. The procedure was simple, non-invasive, and quick.”

Arthur L.

I have had two scans to set the baseline. I was thrilled that it was so painless. It’s just like having your picture taken and you can see the results immediately on the screen. Simple, affordable, and effortless. I will definitely do this again.

Jim R.