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I was born and raised in New Orleans and would never want to live anywhere else. Family, friends, food, drinks, fun, festivals, music, etc is the culture I grew up in and embrace it. I graduated from LSU in 2000 with a BA Communication Disorders, also worked in the Financial and Banking Industry. I was not sure what my true passion and career would look like until I had my first child. She came into this world crying and seemed like it never stopped. She developed extreme acid reflux, ear infections, high fevers every 23 days along with mouth ulcers, and eczema within the first two years of her life. I became so anxious and worried because I did not understand why she was always sick and having to take numerous antibiotics. With the many challenges I had with her health I also started struggling with my own health issues due to the stress and lack of sleep. When several doctors were unable to identify what was making her so ill, I decided to take control and find out what and why she remained so sick. Hungry to help my daughter have a better quality of life, I started to research on my own and eventually discovered using the elimination diet she could not tolerate milk protein. So, our family eliminated dairy from our diet, and immediately her health started to shift but she was still getting the fevers until we finally had her tonsils taken out when she was 2.

Fast forward several years I now know she has an auto inflammatory disease PFAPA discovered by our state of the art Health Assessment Scan then later diagnosed by her pediatrician. Since we are treating her and our family holistically not only is she now a healthy and happy child, our whole family has increased vigor, decreased illness, and our quality of life is amazing!!

My personal journey validated that what we put in our bodies is directly related to our health. This profound experience made me also realize that everyone is not the same and each person needs to be evaluated Wholistically, no matter what age. It is important, as a society that we take responsibility in knowing our own bodies and be accountable for our health and wellness, identifying what works for each of us as individuals. During this part of my journey I found my passion and career path in Health and Wellness, obtainng my certifications with a focus on Nutrition and the philosophy of taking into account the whole person-Mind Body and Spirit.

We each have many differences both inside and out, which makes my job so amazing!!

As a professional health and wellness practitioner, it’s not just a job, it’s my mission to be a health advocate and aim to empower my clients. I love meeting each individual, working with them, and then hearing them reports the positive benefits of their life changing results. Taking charge of your own health is empowering and my passion is helping guide each person to a lifestyle that makes them healthy, happy and balanced. I have enjoyed transforming my own health along with many others.